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What is the most cost effective way to get more business?

The online business development, data, telemarketing and email marketing resource believes that  the days of the multi telemarketing data and email supplier approach to campaign delivery is as out of date as not having a ‘Linked In’ profile. 
They highlighted the key frustrations many business owners’, telemarketing staff and marketers had in deploying campaigns.
The traditional headaches in getting email and telemarketing campaign out.....
1) Buy data....then wait for it to arrive (yawn) via email or/and download once you have the download key.  Question is: will it have contacts you actually wanted and will they be up to date and what’s their refund policy.
2) Design an email in the correct format.  Can they do it? If  no- Then find someone or pay someone to.
3) Someone already busy to send out or some programme to send it. Upload the contacts and have them authorised to send.  Many services including Mailchimp and ConstantContact exclude emailing for uploaded cold bought list.
4) Telemarketing follow up, separate issues, separate set of problems! Who has the current call sheet log?
5) Track performance and ROI.  On both the email and Telemarketing together! Who is compiling the reports?
6) Ensure leads are followed up.  Somewhere an excel spreadsheet resides decaying daily in value. Or someone can get CRM to track this, once it’s set up and everyone’s trained!
Then will the business:
A) Do this email and telemarketing coordination lark. Will IT bring all this together?
B) If any 1 supplier fails to deliver, what is the wait factor and will this failure result in total failure to capitalise the campaign
C) When the data supplier blames the client for asking for the wrong data group, will everyone blame everyone else.
D) What happens if the user wants to change targeting tack but they have committed to a static data set? Buy wrong data it’s usually back to the chequebook and back to the drawing board.
B2 BusinessHub users wanted a streamlined and effective way to getting the email and telemarketing campaign out.
1)       Log In and select your target businesses by type, geography, turnover or size. Online and real time – Do this as many times until you are satisfied you have the right targets.
2)       Define the Businesses you want to email using Leadforce, get count and price to send (outside complimentary offer). You will always get a discount as we assume 75% deliverability.
3)       Load up your company logo or headline; then the core body as text (or HTML if you’re talented, or have an agency) and finally a picture or visual, to support the description... this could be product image or sales image.  
4)       Set a date and time for the campaign to go out. 
5)      Start following up or phoning the emailed contacts and set call backs and next actions. 
6)      All your contact reports records available online and emailed to you, to follow up the campaign.
7)      Get on with converting the new enquiries whilst your competitors are waiting for the data to arrive.
8)      Up and running in less than ½ hour – from start to campaign ready to email or call.
Full 3 months unlimited access to quality data & contacts for only £75, including 250 email contact campaign!
The best deal: £25 total cost for the first three months; then £25 per month, if committing to 18 month contract, including 250 email contact campaign!
All with Full Satisfaction 14 day money back guarantee.
  • Quality information - real time access at the UK’s most dynamic and accurate business to business contact and email solutions
  • Online, real-time, means anywhere use and control – mobile, tablet or office PC.
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