Can Personal Branding Improve Your Business?

When we talk about the buzzwords of 2018, Entrepreneurship is still in the major leagues. It has certainly become a trending topic and ‘thing’. Everybody seemingly can’t wait to write it in their Instagram bio or tell people at a party or an event.

And it is an interesting switch of social stigma, because before, being an entrepreneur was looked at with a negative connotation. It was not what people did, they were the odd ones of society. But the world has changed so much in a digital sense that Entrepreneurship has become more accessible, meanwhile, the true art of the process has maybe become watered down to an extent.

Now why is this so important? Why can’t people just call themselves a business owner any longer and choose to instead go for a word like entrepreneur.

The answer is simple. Trends have changed and opening up a new business now is not enough anymore. In order for any business to be successful, it needs to have its own personal style and personality. And the easiest way to associate a personality with a business is through its owner.

It also largely reflects the common theme of opening and developing multiple businesses which possibly overlap in some way due to marketing automation and digital advertising to generate business leads. But due to the association of owners with their business, it has developed this platform for personal branding where the people who started the business can be found, identified and almost exposed.

If they are an engaging person they can add so much value to the business through their own character and personality to stand out from competitors.

Personal Branding

Personal branding is a trend that has caught on the business world in the recent years and is likely here to stay for a long time. What it means is getting yourself recognized as a brand rather than your business itself. For example, when people hear Tesla, they instantly think Elon Musk, when they hear Apple they still think of Steve Jobs – years after his death. This is how much personal branding can affect your business.

Taking advantage of personal branding, many celebrities have launched their own brands offering the same thing as any other brand but making more or at least equal to the older competitors just because of their name. Think of it, when you hear M.A.C cosmetics, you know it as a high-end brand for makeup, but when you hear the new Kylie lip kit is out, the women world goes crazy over it. What’s new there? Nothing except the fact that the owner herself is a brand.

Personal branding improves your business for following major reasons:

  • People trust the brand owner and therefore they trust the product they are promoting
  • People want to be more like the brand owner and look up to them therefore want to buy what they’re selling
  • Brand owners already have a follower base crazy about them waiting and willing to do anything they’d ask of them. Here go, a business with its customers ready to by before it was even created.
  • People feel they are buying from a person rather than a business. This is often the most compelling reason and the best thing about personal branding.

When you become a brand, people see you, people connect to you and people trust you. They feel like they are buying products from an actual real-life person instead of some big corporate machines creating products with no care for the customer’s needs. This factor alone helps drive most of the sales for businesses.

Personal branding is undeniably important for you to improve your sales in today’s world and is therefore a must implement strategy for your business. There are various ways in which you can start building a personal brand but the best way to start is by owning your brand in the social media and start self-promotion. Yes, that’s right. Gone is the time when self-promotion was considered desperate, it is now the new cool thing. So go ahead, set up your social profiles, start interacting with your customers and get one step closer to becoming a brand