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How much is employee ill health costing your business?

Keeping employees healthy and in work makes for a more successful business, especially when ill health is estimated to cost British businesses £600 per employee, per year1. Small businesses know only too well that when one member of their workforce is absent there is a knock-on effect for the whole team. And for business owners themselves, ill-health can be even more of a concern.

How to make people buy

Injecting urgency and a fear of missing out is crucial, says Omar Martin.

How to make people buyHave you ever been to a wedding and heard the priest or pastor say.. "Speak now or forever hold your peace..."?

That is fear of loss! The preacher is instilling into his listeners the fear that if they don't speak now they will lose the opportunity to speak on the subject FOREVER!

The importance of networking and how to be good at it

If you are not out there networking and meeting new prospects then the chances are your competitor will simply be there first.

Networking is the single most important business tool available to owner/managers of small to medium sized enterprises. And, in the current recession, being pro-active in marketing and networking your business has become more vital than ever.

Learn the essential art of reading between the lines

In the majority of cases, you need to be a real "people person" if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur. If you own or run a business, you need to be able to interact with people of all shapes and sizes, personality types and origins, if you are to do well in the cutthroat business world of today.

Turn wages into profit centres not cost centres

Factor in value when setting wage and salary levels
It is important to factor in the value of both the work and the individual's contribution when setting wage and salary levels. Begin by assessing the value of a particular job. Here, you must look at the work, not the person doing it, and ask how much value it adds to your business. Based on this assessment, you can set a wage or salary range for the job. Of course, you will also need to keep an eye on the labour market and be sure to set and maintain remuneration levels that are competitive.

Workers would sacrifice salary payments for a better retirement

Europeans are taking an increasingly long-term view, with nearly 50% of workers stating that they would sacrifice pay for a higher pension contribution by their employer, compared to only 13% who would give up some of their salary for a extra vacation days, according to Aon Hewitt, the world's leading pensions, benefits and human capital consultant.

The Most Important Things To Remember When Conducting A Meeting

Someone from management is leading a business meeting . You're there, because, well, you're expected to be there. People stand up, say a lot of things about this and that then sit down. You and ten other people are busy with your iPhones under the table. No one would be surprised if there wasn't at least one game of Angry Birds being played.

Simply Making a Decision Is The Toughest Decision Of Them All

My dad used to have a fake gold coin. The words on the coin were worth the coin's weight in gold. The words were: "Decisions, decisions." Both heads and the tails had the same message.

The company that made the coin knew one important thing. Business owners have to make decisions all the time, but sometimes the toughest decision of all is simply the act of making a decision, no matter what it is.

You can sell more if you learn how to 'read' people

Being able to quickly read people allows you to more effectively build relationships, have more personal impact and more effectively influence. This is an essential skill in leading, coaching and all aspects of developing your interpersonal style and skills. The best leaders, coaches and influencers all take time to really understand who they are working with. You can do it quicker with these ten top tips.

Seven ways to turn customers off

Webmasters work hard to attract visitors to their sites, yet many still make the mistake of presenting their web pages in a way sure to send most visitors heading for the 'emergency exit'

There are seven ways in which your website can scare off potential customers, according to Nick James. Check this list to see if your website is helping or hurting your business.

Seven ways to turn customers offWebmasters work hard to attract visitors to their sites, yet many still make the mistake of presenting their web pages in a way sure to send most visitors heading for the 'emergency exit' (The back button).

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