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Change your mind-set from B2B or B2C, to DTC “Direct to Consumer”

To use social media effectively you need a strategy, says social commerce expert, Warren Knight (

Too many SMEs are signing up to different social networks and not seeing the return on their investment. Why is this?, he asks.

First you must understand who your target audience is online. There are some great tools to help you with that; helps define, buy and deliver to lookalike audiences of millions across the web.

Telemarketing remains key for most B2B sales

During the last few years much of the UK marketing press has predicted a bleak future for telemarketing, suggesting that digital channels provide much cheaper and simpler solutions. However a survey conducted by B2B Marketing and sponsored by The Telemarketing Company has found that 70% of organisations feel telemarketing is going to be either 'critical' or 'very important' to their marketing success in 2011.