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Use These 6 Tips to Create A Great Blog

As with anything in life, first impressions are critical when it comes to blogs. If people arrive on your blog and don't like the look or feel of what they find there, then it's time to make a change.

Here are 6 tips on how to create a great blog that people will want to revisit, time and time again.

Using social media to reshape business processes

Social media is much more than chat-rooms. But many businesses don't understand how to use it properly, according to a recent study by Gartner. "Social media is not an end in and of itself — it is an enabler," said Anthony Bradley, group vice president at Gartner. "Social media technologies are tools and, like any technology, it is how people use those tools that delivers enterprise results." It allows business to

Four key strategies for marketing your business online

As a small business owner, marketing your business can be a full time job. Your small business marketing strategy must have a variety of different angles to allow for the wide diverse population and how people find information these days. The internet alone has changed the face of how you do business, it allows prospects from further afield to find you.