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Vodafone launches One Net Express to ensure small businesses never miss a call

Vodafone UK launched One Net Express for Small Businesses on October 15th 2010. They claim it ensures you will nvere miss a business call again - and will save up to 20% on communication costs as well.

Vodafone One Net Express is supposedly a completely new way of communicating for small businesses that merges all landline and mobile calls to create an innovative mobile-only solution. (Some people may remember a broadly similar service launched in 2009 by O2, but we won't labour the point!) Customers can get through first time, no matter which number they dial.

Turn criticism into sales

One of the "aha moments" I've had in the past few weeks is that many solo professionals (or entrepreneurs) shrink up and get defensive after receiving any question or suggestion about how they do their work.

An introduction to marketing communications

When I talk to people about marketing I have discovered that everyone has a very different idea of what it means – is it advertising, PR, or maybe telesales?

I thought it would be useful to start with a definition of marketing: According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, “Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.”