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How to be a great leader

Have you recently been promoted into a leadership position? Or perhaps you simply need some tips to help sharpen your leadership skills. It's true that there are natural born leaders but there are also many leaders who are bred. Here are some tips to great leadership.


Five critical mistakes you're making that limit your business success

Before I hear another small business owner tell me that they can't manage their time and it's frustrating and ulcer- producing, let me spread a ray of hope here: it's not time you've got to manage; it's yourself - your actions and decisions - through the flow of time.

That means self-awareness is an important part of success with time. Here are 5 ways that self-awareness is an important success marker for effective use of time:

Poll shows mixed levels of confidence as SMEs prepare for uncertainty

More than half of B2 Business Hub members who took part in our latest poll do not expect to see an economic revival in less than a year.

Yet while 59% of those who took part in “When do you think we'll see a recovery of the UK economy?” were taking a longer view, 25% considered the resurgence was already underway or would be so before the end of the year.

How to motivate sales staff

A career in selling can be one of the most rewarding, and yet challenging careers that anyone can have. It can also be difficult, exhausting and very often thankless. This has the effect on sales people in that they suffer from feeling rejection, insecurity and negativity. The most common problems that many sales people suffer from are as follows:

1. A negative attitude.
2. A fear of rejection from customers.
3. Apathy which leads to laziness and boredom.