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Benefits can be key in attracting the best employees


Businesses can attract the highest calibre of new employees by offering benefits and allowances in their recruitment package.

Recent research by Xpert HR revealed that the majority of British business will continue to provide the same package of employee benefits when attempting to recruit and retain staff despite the current tough economic climate.

How to implement a staff incentive scheme that really works

The implementation of an effectual incentive system for sales staff is a subject repeatedly requested on management training courses.

You are planning an incentive campaign for your sales team in order to win back a lost share of the market. The sales competition should give your salespeople the requisite motivation boost. The aim of the campaign (gaining at least one new client a week) and the participants have already been established.

Trend toward more practical promotional gifts

Ideasbynet has noted an important change in marketing strategies during the current economic downturn. While promotional gifts remain a simple and effective marketing method, companies are now choosing products which have a practical use, rather than mere novelty value.