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Cloud computing for the smaller business

The concept of cloud computing has hit the mainstream, explains Terry Irwin, with the release of hosted data services such as Apple’s iCloud managing to crack the consumer market. Previously the preserve of enterprise-class businesses, the maturity of the technology has made it available to organisations of all sizes, from the sole trader upwards.

Smartphones can now be used for rapid purchases from marketing websites

Instant mobile checkout, Simply Tap is live. It allows customers to buy direct from retailers’ marketing websites and buyer guides through their smartphones, using Mobile Money Network’s (MMN) mobile checkout service.  

Half of internet users now connect to the web via smartphones.

There have been significant changes in the way people connect to the Internet in recent years. In 2011 almost half of Internet users connected to the Internet, using a mobile phone, while away from the home or office. There were 17.6 million mobile phone Internet users in 2011, representing 45 per cent of Internet users, compared to 8.5 million users (23 per cent) in 2009.

The twelve elements of a successful sales prospecting plan

Recession, depression, slow economy - it doesn't matter what excuse you make or call it, it all boils down to "Besieged Buyer Syndrome." This condition will manifest itself in a stalled opportunity. Sales executives and sales people realize that stalls are for horses, not for selling!

Poor password practices put identities at risk

When it comes to safeguarding personal information online, many people leave their virtual keys in the front door. Research from internet security firm Webroot, uncovers common password practices that are putting consumers’ identities and their wallets at risk.

In a survey of more than 2,500 individuals across the US, UK and Australia, the most commonly used password-protected sites among consumers are banks (88%), personal email accounts (86%), and Facebook (72%) – all of which are rife with sensitive information.

Small business owners let down by lack of holiday Wi-Fi

74% of small business owners want internet access while on holiday, with the majority favouring Wi-Fi, and yet only 58% of UK hotels and B&Bs offer it. One in three business owners who went away this summer were dissatisfied with the internet access provided. These are the findings of a recent survey by The Payroll Site, who help small business owners keep on top of their businesses when they can't be in the office.

Top free Internet marketing tools for successful online marketing

Think of anything you put up on the internet as a product. It doesn't matter if that product is an actual product sold through your online business or a fledgling blog about books and authors in your country. As a product, you want it to be seen (and, in some cases, bought) by as many people as possible. After all, if this isn't your intention, why put it on the internet at all?

Small businesses fail to update websites

Only about 10% of UK firms surveyed update their websites on a daily basis.

A worrying number of firms could be taking their foot off the internet pedal, according to two sets of research released by

The study of 2,400 UK businesses finds that only 10% of small firms are updating their websites on a daily basis while one in three admit that updates are being done ‘infrequently’. A further study of 400 businesses finds that over half of the nation’s small companies are building and maintaining their website themselves.