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How to lose an investor before you've even finished speaking

Start-up killers are those spoken statements that will lose the funding or customer deal for the entrepreneur. When speaking to someone about the new product or the business proposition, there is often the moment when you know that you have lost your listener. One misspoken comment and everyone wants to leave as soon as possible. They've made their decision and they want you to stop wasting their time. It's their gut reaction. What are some of these turn-offs?

How the self-employed can save on tax

Self-employed taxpayers are taxed purely on their profits, whether or not they take the profits and spend them or plough them back into the business. Unlike a limited company, therefore, there are fewer opportunities for tax planning, but that's not to say that tax savings are not possible. Here are some ideas:

1. 'Think Business' for Expenses.

What is a business angel?

One way of raising share capital from external investors in return for handing over a share of the business is equity finance. This can take many forms, including sharing of future profits, but is most commonly associated with sharing the ownership of the business to some degree. The two main providers of equity finance for private businesses are “venture capitalists” - also known as private equity firms - and business angels.

What are business angels?