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Survey shows SME owners are failing to follow the business basics

Small business owners are putting their companies and livelihoods at risk by failing to follow basic business principles. They are failing to keep tabs on the company finances, follow an unstructured approach to decision making and run the risk of costly legal battles because they pay lipservice to HR.

Heavy-handed government inspectors to be kept on tighter leash

Plans to change the way that businesses experience ‘frontline enforcement’, such as business inspections, were set out today by Business Secretary Vince Cable, including a full scale review of UK regulatory bodies and moves to cut the number of inspections for ‘compliant’ firms.

Can you rely on digital signatures?


Signing a document is the universally understood method of demonstrating one's intent to be bound and parties can rightly draw much comfort that a signed document is highly likely to be legally binding. 


Avoiding spurious employment claims - tips for the unwary

Spurious claims by serial litigants have come to plague businesses seeking to recruit for new staff but a recent case may have changed employers' tactics.  Andrew Fishleigh describes how the boot may now be on the other foot.