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Is the use of social media in marketing more relevant than SEO?

In today’s cutback economy of slashed budgets impacting marketing capacity, the question of spending priorities becomes acute, writes Daren Bach on Business Scene.

Why your advertising may not be working

Did you ever wonder about the effectiveness of your advertising? How many times have you had to make a decision to place an ad only to ask, does advertising really work? Unfortunately, many small business owners miss the mark on advertising and then believe that advertising doesn't work. This is a sad misconception because when done effectively, advertising can be one of your strongest marketing tactics to drive customers to your doors. Chances are, if your advertising isn't working, it may because of one of these five reasons:

1. Too much information

An introduction to marketing communications

When I talk to people about marketing I have discovered that everyone has a very different idea of what it means – is it advertising, PR, or maybe telesales?

I thought it would be useful to start with a definition of marketing: According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, “Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.”