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Half of internet users now connect to the web via smartphones.

There have been significant changes in the way people connect to the Internet in recent years. In 2011 almost half of Internet users connected to the Internet, using a mobile phone, while away from the home or office. There were 17.6 million mobile phone Internet users in 2011, representing 45 per cent of Internet users, compared to 8.5 million users (23 per cent) in 2009.

Out and about? Where to go for Wi-Fi

Using public Wi-Fi can be something of a frustrating experience - if you can locate a connection at all, then speed and reliability can be a problem and if you don’t get it free with your broadband contract then the only other real option is to pay. Virgin and O2 plan to give us much more choice, and are moving into the free public Wi-Fi market in a serious way, but what’s on offer now and can we really expect to see a decent national free Wi-Fi network any time soon?

New technology promises opportunity to halve the cost of internal communications

Palringo's new Mobile IM Platform combines text, push-to-talk and picture messaging with rich presence functionality and innovative location-based services. Its new Instant Enterprise Messaging Platform is a dedicated, device and network-independent push-to-talk service that provides enterprises, especially those with a remote or disparate workforce, with rich, secure solution for workforce communications.

Vodafone launches One Net Express to ensure small businesses never miss a call

Vodafone UK launched One Net Express for Small Businesses on October 15th 2010. They claim it ensures you will nvere miss a business call again - and will save up to 20% on communication costs as well.

Vodafone One Net Express is supposedly a completely new way of communicating for small businesses that merges all landline and mobile calls to create an innovative mobile-only solution. (Some people may remember a broadly similar service launched in 2009 by O2, but we won't labour the point!) Customers can get through first time, no matter which number they dial.

Cold weather tyres can help you keep sales staff on the road

Do you remember last winter? There was business misery thanks to the deep snow that brought much of UK business to a halt as Britain struggled to get to work, or slid crunchingly into another vehicle, writes Ralph Morton from Business Car Manager.