Common Communication Mistakes Every Couple Should Avoid

Regardless of how in tune you are with your significant other, communication gaffes and misunderstandings can still occur. If you want to keep the relationship healthy and happy, you have to do more than just improve your communication skills. Additionally, you also need to be aware of the common communication mistakes you need to avoid at all cost.

Communicating without connecting first

Sure, communication is definitely one of the cornerstones of a happy relationship. However, assuming that communicating alone can create a connection between you and your partner is wrong. Finding a way to connect should always come first. Otherwise, communication can only generate further feelings of disconnection and hurt.

Effectively connect with your partner by finding an activity you can do together. You can also connect by acknowledging the efforts your significant other makes. Once you have made the needed connection, having an open and effective communication almost always follows.

Also, take time to understand your partner’s primary style of communicating. Bear in mind that people have diverse ways of experiencing and showing love. For some, it can be through positive words. For others, it can be through touch.

If you and your significant other are constantly talking things out and yet you are still unable to resolve relationship hurdles, looking into non-verbal ways to connect might be the key.

Expecting your significant other to be able to read your mind

No matter how hard you try, there is no way you can read each other’s minds. At times, you will be tempted to believe that an ounce of common sense is all that’s needed so your partner will know what it is that you want. However, it would be unfair to assume your partner knows what you want or what you are thinking.

You have to take into the account the fact that you don’t have the same worldview, thoughts, and feelings. For instance, you might think it’s obvious that you can use some help with the household chores but to your partner it might not be as apparent. When you feel like all the hints you’ve given has gone unnoticed, don’t shy away from saying what’s on your mind instead of assuming the other party already knows.

Not taking into consideration your partner’s point of view

At times, the core of better communication requires being upfront and knowing the best way to get your message across. However, what many people fail to realize is that making an effort to see things from the perspective of the other should also be given as much importance. Unfortunately, this is one aspect many people often overlook.

Empathy is a very important skill. Your ability to empathize can actually do wonders for the relationship. You don’t have to agree at all times. However, it would help that you are able to empathize so you can see and understand where the other person is coming from.

Giving in without really saying how you truly feel

If you or your partner does not like conflict, it is likely that real emotions will be concealed just to keep the peace. However, this technique will eventually hurt the relationship sooner or later.

While keeping the peace is good, honesty is always way better. If there are issues that need to be discussed, don’t think twice when it comes to sharing how you truly feel. Doing so can help ensure that the issues are resolved in a manner that’s satisfactory for you both.