Different Kinds of Concrete Damages and How to Prevent Them

During the lifetime of any concrete structure, there can be certain damages or defects developed. There can be many different reasons for that e.g. during construction not maintaining proper quality control, natural calamities, overloading the structure and few environmental factors too. However, such defects can be restored back by taking suitable action with the help of professionals.

In order to undertake concrete repair, it is essential to consult right type of people who can professionally asses the damages and find out under what circumstances the damage has taken place.  The suitable method of repairing can be undertaken once it is established due to what reasons the damages have taken place and what are the kind of damages.

Following are few different kinds of damages on concrete surfaces for which necessary repair work may be needed.

  • Mechanical damages

This kind of damage may take place because of certain impact on the concrete surface either due to vibration in the structure or due to any accident. There can be a number of reasons for vibration. There can be explosion near the area any movement of very heavy vehicle nearby or there can be earthquake or very heavy wind. Due to excessive vibration, the bonding between concrete and steel reinforcement is loosened and create either a crack or some other defect.

  • Physical damages

Such kinds of damages may happen due to erosion of concrete, abrasion, thermal effects, efflorescence or leaching. Normally such things may happen if the concrete surface remained exposed to either still or moving water. It may also corrode the steel reinforcement and as a result the durability and strength of the concrete surface further reduces. Thermal effects can be caused due to regular wetting and drying of the concrete surface or if the surface is exposed to very high temperature environment.

  • Chemical attack

If the structure is located near sea shore of in the chemical factory where there are different chemicals are used, there can be certain damages in the concrete surfaces.

  • Corrosion of steel reinforcement

Corrosion can take place either due to environmental or reaction with the chemicals. In order to prevent such damage usually the concrete surfaces are painted, coated with epoxy or sometime a special kind of cement is used.

  • Carbonation

Exposure to carbon di-oxide may also change the matrixes of the cement structure. Sometime similar damage can also be caused by stray electrical currents too.

All these damages can be repaired by taking professional help.