Do You Need to Hire Apprentices?

If you wish to employ an apprentice for your business, you need to align yourself with a company that can assist you in acquiring just the right people. You can get plenty of advice on the website. Future talent should be the company’s speciality whether you are hiring an apprentice, school leaver, graduate, post-graduate, or intern. Work with a company that understands the likes and dislikes of Generations Y and Z and knows what prerequisites define future talent streams.

For instance, if you want to hire apprentices for your business, you need to work with a recruiter who understands the opportunities in this area and can assist you in defining a strategy that will enable you to maximise your ROI.

Making a Commitment

If you want to make sure that your apprenticeship programme is successful, you need to work with a specialist who can handle all the details. Use a company that is committed to optimising your return on levy payments and can assist you in designing programmes that meet both your existing and future talent requirements. You should also make it your goal to establish proper standards and hire training providers.

By using a future talent recruitment firm that is skilled in this area, you can get your brand recognised, and your company’s voice heard. Not only can you communicate with potential applicants but you can also include their parents when making hiring decisions.

Position the Candidate So He or She Can Succeed

Candidates for apprenticeships should only apply for roles that they can easily access. An apprenticeship is the first foray into the work world. Therefore, apprentices need to be in positions where they are close to where they live and can obtain the proper feedback.

When you work with the right recruiter, such as, you can establish a strategy and select the best talent, all while enhancing your company’s brand. You just need to work with a recruiter who understands your needs in this area. When you are both on the same page, you are guaranteed an excellent experience along these lines.

Government Statistics

Currently, the UK government is encouraging businesses to increase their apprenticeships. In fact, according to official government data, over two million apprenticeships took form in the UK between 2009 and 2010 and 2014 and 2015, with almost 500,000 created during 2014/15 alone.

Apprenticeship Growth Areas

As a result, many work sectors are realising the advantages of these types of traineeships. Some of the areas where apprenticeships prevail include the retail industry, customer service, team leadership, management, and manufacturing operations.

Short-Term and Long-Term Gains

Evidence suggests that the employing of apprentices enhances company productivity and increases both short and long-term gains. According to one research study, an apprentice provides a gain in productivity of approximately £10,000 annually with that figure escalating even higher in some areas.

That is why an apprenticeship has proven to be cost-effective training. This opportunity permits a young person to make workplace contributions while he or she is learning. By building skills, an employer can reduce any skills gap and realise a better bottom line.