Don Forman Shows Us the Power of Giving

We all know the saying, “it is better to give than to receive,” but how many of us actually take this adage to heart? Whether we admit it or not, we have been used to finding pleasure in receiving gifts and favors that we oftentimes forget how much more powerful giving could be.

Luckily, Las Vegas philanthropist and United Nissan’s owner Don Forman is regularly showing us the true value of giving back through his FOX5 Surprise Squad partnership.

Forman could have settled into earning more money and enjoying popularity and much-deserved success, but he is the kind of man who knows what’s truly essential in life. In one interview, Forman shared that he believes that there is nothing in life that could bring the same feeling as giving back and helping others – a belief that we should also contemplate on and apply on our lives.

Forman is the lead donor of FOX5 Surprise Squad. Just like him, the show is busy spreading acts of generosity and kindness among many viewers.

The Surprise Squad does not only find people to help but also affirm the selfless works of many, and most of the times, the show does both and Forman could be seen leading the charge and sharing his blessings.

One of the most touching stories featured on the show was about a 17-year-old Daniel Revis who was asked to go to the prom by a sweet young lady named Kylie Fronius. Daniel has Down Syndrome and if not for Kylie’s kind gesture, he wouldn’t have had the chance to enjoy the prom like his peers.

The team of Surprise Squad caught up with the pair as they were about to leave for prom to give them the surprise of their lives. For one, Daniel and Kylie were pleasantly shocked that they were treated to ride in a shiny black Rolls Royce. They were also treated to a fine pre-prom meal at a high-class restaurant and a red-carpet entry to the prom venue.

While the pair thought that the surprises were over, Forman came up to them and revealed the best surprise of the night – a $10,000 college scholarship for Daniel and a brand-new car for Kylie’s kindness.Forman praised Kylie and raved about how her deed was “inspirational”.

This is just one of the many times when Forman selflessly gave out thousands of cash and a car. We have all seen him on the Surprise Squad smiling from ear-to-ear and excitedly giving away splendid gifts.

The recognizable joy in Forman’s face and the hope he brings to people he meets on the show is a testament to the power of giving. A living testimony we should admire and emulate.