Is Outsourcing Your Customer Services Division the Right Move for Your Business?

When it comes to making your way through the line items on your corporate budget, the costs associated with your customer service department are hard to overlook. And while this is simply because without them your customers won’t buy your products, many business owners and operators look for alternatives. Namely, outsourcing.

And while this can be a great model for many business owners, it isn’t always the right fit for all business types.

Below are some important considerations to take into account as you make the decision

The Quality of Your Staff Is Reduced

While there is no doubt that you will receive staff with a quality level high enough to perform the tasks you require, you don’t receive a high-quality workforce. Why? Because the higher quality an employee is, the more money it costs to hire them.

For this reason, the majority of outsourcing companies will refine their processes to ensure they get the very best they can for the very lowest price possible.

Of course, the majority of owners stop at this point and take over the reigns, thinking that they can do the same job. However, the chances that they are correct are very low. Why? Because outsourcing companies have been doing the job for decades and have refined processes and procedures to not only hire the right staff but retain them.

For example, these companies will utilize modern ways to incentivize staff, such as vouchers from the Groupon Coupons page for American Eagle or social nights out with their team. These are ideas which most business owners either don’t think about or aren’t able to allow for in their budgets.

While this isn’t often a consideration given too much though, considering that the staff are able enough to perform script based tasks, the nuances of social interaction are often missing, leaving customers to feel like they are being treated like nothing more than a number of a profit, with little concern given to the level of after-sales support they receive.

You Don’t Have Direct Oversight of Your the Very Department Representing Your Company

Of course, it’s also important to remember that, by moving your customer service department off-site, you lose all immediate oversight of their daily operations. This can cause serious problems with marketing teams that are running promotions and are not aware of any issues being raised at the customer service level because they don’t have any direct lines of communication or can’t simply walk to another level of the building to understand what is happening.

In addition to this, when it comes to staff performing poorly or causing problems you also have little knowledge of these incidents, leaving you open to potential media concerns you aren’t even aware of.

Choosing whether or not to outsource your customer service department is a decision only you can make, however, it’s important that you consider other effects other than the financial reduction in a line item. After all, if the move doesn’t go well, you can expect many of your profit margins to also reduce.