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Palmer Administration Encourages Drivers To Choose An Extended Service Contract Carefully

Michael Shaftel, CEO of Palmer Administration a leader in the extended service contract industry, NCWC incorporated is an extended service contract company owned by Palmer Administration that helps protect them from costly repair bills carefully.

Extended service contracts are best thought of as better versions of the manufacturer’s warranties that come with vehicles when they are sold at a dealership. They pay for covered repairs so that drivers don’t need to in exchange for an affordable monthly premium.

Unfortunately, some of the companies in this space are less than honest. According to Shaftel: “While most extended service contract providers are on the up-and-up, I’ve seen a few try to rip their customers off. These companies are giving the entire industry a bad name, so I recommend doing your homework before blindly believing what you’re hearing.”

Shaftel’s company, Palmer Administration, is widely regarded as a paragon in the industry. It’s accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), establishing them as a trustworthy company. They also have years of experience providing A-rated service so they’re not a fly by night operation that seems to disappear when needed most.

There are multiple other things that separate Palmer from competing companies as well. For instance, the company sells a variety of contracts that allow drivers to customize their coverage according to their needs.

If somebody drives an older vehicle, Palmer’s Basic Plan may be best. It covers costly engine repairs at an affordable price point by avoiding coverage for things not found on older vehicles, giving drivers maximum peace of mind at minimal expense.

Newer vehicles need more protection, and the Royal Select Plan provides just that. It covers all major automotive components, plus many of the electrical doodads found on modern motor vehicles.

The Elite Exclusionary Plan is even more comprehensive. It actually lists what isn’t covered instead of what is, allowing drivers to hit the road with confidence that they are prepared if anything goes awry.

All Palmer plans come with added benefits regardless of price point. For instance, Roadside Assistance is available to provide a tow or tire change. Likewise, Trip Interruption Protection pays drivers a small stipend to help cover food and lodging if their vehicle is in the shop far away from home.

Rental reimbursements are also available if drivers need a rental vehicle while their contract is active. There’s no limit to the number of claims drivers may make, so they are encouraged to use these services as often as possible to get value for their money.

Palmer plans are transferable, meaning that they may be sold with a vehicle to get more money out of it. They are accepted at licensed mechanic shops across the United States and Canada, so all drivers should have no problem getting their bills paid.

In conclusion, any extended service contract that does not offer the benefits above should not be purchased. If you had been considering such a policy, you are advised to switch to a trustworthy company such as Palmer Administration using the contact information provided below and an example of a dealer service agreement.


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