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The B2 Business Hub Complete Guide to Tax and Expenses


Don't do any more work on your tax return until you have read the updated Complete Guide to Tax and Expenses. It could save lots of money for anyone starting a business, working from home or running a small business.

Most of the information will be of value to you throughout the year. There is guidance on the financial advantages of different types of business (Limited Company, Partnership, Sole Trader etc).

You will also read about VAT registration, acceptable levels of business expenses, book-keeping methods and other essential topics for smaller and home-based businesses.

But before you submit your tax return, there are some really important things you need to know, such as:

  • How you will be fined if you fail to inform the tax man as soon as you start trading – even on the smallest scale.
  • The best way to calculate and claim business expenses for the costs of using part of your home.
  • Why you should employ your children and spouse to work for your business.

Avoid unnecessary taxes by reading the Compete Guide to Tax and Expenses. The guide is available free of charge in PDF format only to members of The SME Hub.

Click here and download the guide now!

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