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Government announces package of schemes to drive entrepreneurship in the UK


The Government has today announced a package of measures to support enterprise and small business, including that every school in England will be able to develop and run its own business.

These announcements come alongside the launch of Start-Up Britain, the ground-breaking response from the private sector to the Government’s call for an ‘enterprise-led’ recovery.

These new measures will give young people the opportunity to gain real business experience, inspiring the next generation to seriously think about starting their own company. The Government has today announced:

  • Support for every school to run its own business through the Enterprise Champions Programme.
  • The creation of enterprise societies in every University and most Further Education Colleges.
  • A major roll-out of Tenner Tycoon, the successful competition owned and run by the Peter Jones Foundation.
  • A new online tool, the Innovation Launch Pad, enabling small businesses to pitch their ideas on how they could do the business of government more cheaply or more efficiently.
  • The launch of Brighton Fuse, an initiative to expand the creative, digital and IT sector in Brighton and Hove and provide business opportunities for graduates.

Business Secretary Vince Cable said: “We want to transform the ambition and aspiration of young people through real business experience.

“Through Tenner Tycoon, the Enterprise Champions Programme and enterprise societies, we will be giving young people insight into enterprise at an early age, showing them how rewarding it can be to transform your own ideas into a real business.”

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