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Moving from a home office to a 'real' office


It is often extremely difficult for a small business based from home to know precisely when the time is appropriate to make the move from the convenience and low outgoings of a home office, to a professional, commercial office space.

John King suggests there may be many implications, both monetarily and strategically to take into account. Here are five very important points to ask yourself when deliberating over this often seen issue.

1. How could your business prosper from this move? Will your business run more productively, more profitably, more professionally or perhaps it will permit you to compete at a new, higher level in your industry?

2. Will you be able to cope with the brand-new, higher monthly expenses? Never under-estimate the impact that regular higher outgoings could have. You no doubt would have been spoiled by the minor expense of doing business from home so be geared up for the rise.

3. What variety of lease would best suit your particular business, virtual, serviced or conventional lease? They all have different things going for them - study up on what they all bring to the table and make the choice based on the information and facts. Making the right choice at this stage will certainly save lots of upheaval at a later date resulting from the incorrect choice.

4. Would the prominent geographical location of a new virtual or physical office address add value to your company? It will be possible to have a truly impressive company address which can certainly add impact to any potential business you conduct.

5. Might the professional meeting room facilities included in most office rental packages be precisely what you will be requiring in the future? It can be very impressive to have first-rate meeting rooms at your fingertips so this facility can provide additional, real value.

Without doubt there will be additional points relating to making this important move, but the ones listed above will be the first to take into consideration. If after diligent consideration you are positive that a move from your office at home to fresh commercial premises would be the correct thing to do, you will undoubtedly benefit hugely in the future from the far more professional appearance and facilities of your enterprise.

If on the other hand you are not completely convinced that this is the best thing to do, consider a serviced or virtual office lease as a short term test to weigh-up how this works for you. If you feel this wasn't the ideal thing to do and that a return to the home office is the best course to take, you'll not be tied into a long-term lease.

The author works in the multimedia and web design industry and is based in Surrey in the UK. He has successfully rented serviced office space from Flexible Offices Direct at:

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I recently got some office

I recently got some office space New York and I'm excited for the move. Those questions you pose are the exact kinds of things I'm thinking about so thanks for the insight!