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Three simple steps to creating a marketing message that wins business


Many solopreneurs and small business owners focus on creating a “kick-ass” elevator pitch so that they’re armed when they are at networking events or asked the age old question, “what do you do?”

One of the reasons they struggle with creating the clarity needed to create that powerful elevator pitch is because they aren’t actually clear about their unique marketing message.

This unique marketing message is as clarifying for you as it is for your prospect or client. It demonstrates that you know your prospect’s pain, why they’re experiencing it and how you can help them relieve the pain with your solution.

So, how do you create YOUR unique marketing message? Read on to learn three simple steps to begin crafting your message today, that will help make your elevator pitch more powerful and get your prospects take notice immediately!

Step 1 – Define your prospect’s problem…what is their pain point?

What is the pain they are facing today? Is it that they are not generating enough leads, they aren’t retaining their clients and need a simple “stay in touch” tool, or they don’t have enough energy to be more efficient and effective in their position?

How can you define the pain, SO clearly that the prospect will instantly know that you “get” them? Can you give them examples from your own experience? Can you tell them about case studies that illustrate the pain so that they can feel it, know that others experience it and have found a solution?

You have to make it as real for them as possible, because we are not always able to identify our own pain, so that we can easily find the solution.

Step 2 – Explain why they are having the pain

Let’s use the “need to generate leads” pain point as an example. Perhaps the strategies they’ve been using are to attract local prospects. And either they aren’t finding new prospects with their current methods or they should consider shifting to an online presence.

How often do you see smart business owners networking at local meetings and yet their websites don’t even offer the ability to capture their prospects contact information? It may be obvious to you, but the prospect may not see the “gold 3 feet in front of them”.

You have the opportunity to give them clear examples as to why they are in this place of pain and demonstrate that you have some expertise by explaining the what and why of their challenge.

Step 3 – Demonstrate how you and your solution can relieve their pain

Once you’ve identified the prospect’s pain point to the degree that they KNOW you get it and then explain the WHY of their pain, your next step is to demonstrate how you relieve the pain with your solution. This becomes a welcomed conversation. It’s as if your prospect hears you describe a headache and the reason they are having the headache and they can’t wait until you give them the aspirin to remove said headache! And if your solution provides that kind of relief, you are obliged to help them. And they are far more likely to want to work with you.

So get some paper and a pen and dedicate some time to writing out your unique marketing message based on this three-step process. It will help you identify your prospect’s pain, the situation they are in that’s causing the pain and how you and your solution can provide the “painkiller” they are searching for.

This exercise will give you your unique marketing message in the language your prospect easily hears, responds to and appreciates.


Author Chris Makell helps coaches, consultants, and other solopreneurs create profitable businesses by showing them what to do and how to do it, using proven marketing strategies. To learn how to make more money doing what you love, visit to claim your free special report, “7 Surefire Ways to Get the Most out of Your Time and Marketing Dollar.”


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