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The top 5 business trends for the year ahead


Top 5 Business Trends for this Year: From Voip Telephones to Text Messages You want your business to stay ahead of the game in our quickly evolving culture. The nature of the internet has drastically changed the way business is done, and will continue to do so as practices such as social media mature.

This means you should always be on the lookout for new business trends, and this article will help.

1. Voip Telephones: If you don't have a hosted phone system for your small business already, you need to get on it.

Voip (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephones offer a business toll free number along with cheap long distance telephone service, voice messages in your e-mail, and tons of other features intended to make your business work better.

2. Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and other social media are all having a big influence on the way you do business. People, especially young people, are constantly using their mobile phones to check in with each other about what they're doing and where they're doing it.

That means that an account on these sites is important to showing your customers that they can talk about you in the online world.

3. Technology Bridging Reality: Previously, technology hasn't been fast or precise enough to interact with the real world. But we're finally arriving at the point where it is. For example, a new app called Word Lens allows you to hover over text in Spanish as it instantly translates the words into English. This means that technology will become an extension of reality. Look for more people sharing video, images, and ideas more easily and more commonly.

4. Smarter: Appliances and technologies are geared towards understanding what your consumers want. Harnessing that to change your marketing strategy or even your service structure is a huge benefit the internet can offer.

Tracking how people find your website, what they say about it, and where they go afterwards is going to become easier and more meaningful in the future.

5. Faster: E-mail use dropped precipitously among almost every age group during the past year, except for folks aged 55 and over. Kids aged 12-17 reduced their use of e-mail by nearly half. That means that social networks, text messages and instant messaging is becoming cooler, while e-mail is quickly becoming old fashioned and formal. How does this affect your business? Well, if you want to reach your customers as fast as possible, a spontaneous tweet or status update about sales and promotions is probably the best way to do it.

These trends are continuing to develop. That means that there may be room for your business to lead the way in one of these fields. And that's where it gets really exciting.

Making your business cool and trendy is actually fun. Now that I've got you started, all it takes is a little passion on your part to watch your sales boom.


Author Mark Etinger of provides VoIP service to small- and medium-sized companies with neat features like business toll free number support. If you're looking to invest in a hosted phone system, give POP VOIP a try. Visit his blog at


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