Repaving your Parking Lot? These Suggestions are for You

Proper construction and maintenance of a parking lot are important to increase the life of its pavement. Constructing new pavements involves taking many steps. And while asphalt can last years, its life expectancy will reduce due to overweight vehicles, extreme weather and regular impact to the pavement. And a single crack lets water to penetrate and cause damage. When repaving your parking lot, consider the tips below.

Resurface the Asphalt

Although parking lots can usually show signs of aging, asphalt base tends to remain stable. In this case, you can resurface the asphalt to increase the paved region’s life expectancy as well as increase durability and thickness.

Asphalt cracks can be a hazard and a disturbance for people in transit. A sealant and hot rubberized asphalt are used for bonding the crack walls to fix the damage. As the pavement shifts and changes, such materials will move.

Use Permeable Pavers

Installing permeable paving in your parking lot helps in reducing water runoff that can fill the sewer system and lead to more frequent flooding. Also, this paving option benefits plants since it allows water to drain through, depositing minerals to the solid and feeding the roots of the plants. This translates to improved air quality, healthy environment and an aesthetic appeal for your parking lot.

Ensure Upkeep for Manholes and Catch Basins

No matter the parking lot design, catch basins are placed in lower areas of the paved surfaces and they have to be maintained on a regular basis to prevent or fix erosion. To detect deterioration, look for allocated or cracked asphalt at the surface of manholes or basins. Maintenance for these elements is paramount since water can easily leak into the pavement’s base layer through surface cracks.

Repaint Lines and Markings

Apart from ensuring safe parking and driving, repainting faded markings and lines improve the look of the pavements. It is important to pick a company which follows municipal bylaws and makes use of high-quality products and technology for a finish that lasts for a long time.

Use Sustainable Technology

Cutting-edge technology ensures that you carry out projects with maximum efficiency and precision. Also, sustainable technology helps in making sure there is minimal effect on the environment. A dependable paving company makes use of this technology to comply with environmental and legal standards.

Repaving your parking lots do not need to be a stressful project. Finding a reputable contractor who knows their job well will complete the work painlessly. Because this type of project can be a big investment for you, don’t risk spending more money down the road to fix issues when you can have it completed perfectly the first time. Keep in mind that a quality parking lot is appreciated by employees and clients.