Sontex: Supplier of Mammoth Range of Shrink Wrap Machinery

Sontex is one of the UK’s greatest shrink-wrap suppliers, offering a vast range of shrink wrap machinery to cater for as many needs and requirements as possible.

Some of the types of shrink wrap machinery and products that the company offer include the following:

Chamber shrink wrap machines – A wide range of chamber shrink wrap machines for use with polyolefin and PVC shrink-wrap films. Sontex is the UK’s longest established supplier of the Hood and chamber type L-sealers and shrink tunnels.

L-sealers and shrink tunnels – Sontex offer L-sealers and shrink tunnels of a wide variety, not only offering the models that they have in stock but also offering bespoke machinery that can be built to order in special sizes.

Sleeve wrapper machines – Sontex offer a range of sleeve wrapper machines including but not limited to manual sleeve wrappers, semi-automatic sleeve wrappers and fully-automatic sleeve wrappers.

Automatic side seal machines – Sontex offer a vast range of automatic side seal machines that can shrink wrap film at speeds of up to 65 packs per minute – These sealers are perfect for sealing long products and items.

Bag sealing machines – Sontex stock a wide range of both hand and foot operated bag sealing machines.

Shrink wrap film – The company offers a wide range of shrink wrapping film including but not limited to PVC film, polyolefin film and polythene film.

Audion Magneta bag sealers – These machines have magnetic jaw clampers and cutters and are not offered by many other shrink wrap machinery suppliers.

Heavy duty bag sealers –Both heavy duty  plastic bag and polythene sack sealers of the highest quality.

Pallet wrapping machines – The company offer a wide range of pallet wrapping machines all of which come with 12 months’ warranty.

Skin packing equipment – Sontex offer both manual and semi-automatic skin packaging machines.

Medical sealers –Calibrated impulse medical sealers with precise temperature control for validation.

This is not all that the company offer either, as well as other types of shrink wrapping machinery Sontex also offer shrink wrap machines and bag sealer spare parts, Bluebird bakery L-sealer spares and many other accessories.

Whether you are looking for a heat shrink machine or any other type of shrink machinery we definitely advise that you check out the company’s website today where you should be able to find everything that you are looking for and more. Alternatively you can contact the company who are happy to source machinery for customers that are struggling to find what they are looking for.