Storage Options for Businesses with Limited Floor Space

A growing business that still produces plenty of paperwork or collects other items that it cannot throw away has a need for flexible storage. Not every storage option will be suitable to every type of business due to security concerns or regulations that they must adhere to.

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Here are a few storage options that businesses can consider in deciding which one suits their needs the best.

Wall Safe

A safe doesn’t have to sit idle in the corner of an office taking up space. It can be fitted inside a non-bearing wall to remove the use of the floor space entirely with the only clearance room needed when the door is unlocked and swung open. Alternatively, a locked cabinet is another place for a heavy safe to be positioned just as long as the cabinet’s base can support the safe’s weight.

Unlike other storage options, having a wall safe provides greater security with biometric fingerprint and keypad security systems that prevent over-the-shoulder surfing of the unlocking code.

Plastic Pallets for Storage in the Office or Warehouse

Using plastic pallets to store boxes of important documents, spare office furniture and other items that aren’t needed currently makes best use of limited floor space. Plastic pallets repel mold and other bacterial infestation that typically affects long-term storage arrangements. Well designed pallets can also be double stacked without causing a risk of injury to make best use of the vertical space that might otherwise go unused in other storage setups.

With plastic pallets, there is no risk of wooden splinters coming off the pallet when an employee brushes past it, so it’s safe for offices and warehouses too. A basic plastic pallet can hold as much as 4,500 pounds when not being moved and up to 3,000 pounds when being moved around on a fork lift truck.

Offsite Storage Lockers

Companies are often quite happy to take advantage of commercial storage units that provide a good choice of locker or room sizes depending on the amount of storage space required. Business storage features include a climate controlled environment to keep documents at a temperature suitable for long-term survival and readability. Access is also provided commonly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week making the business items readily available when they’re needed even when the main office is closed for the weekend.

Digitize Documents for Online Storage

Another way to go is to digitize the documents that need to be stored and then arrange for an online cloud storage service where the digital files can be uploaded. It’s possible to have an employee perform the digitization process using a flat-bed scanner or you can hire an outside company to do it for you (consider the confidentiality factor with outsourcing though). Depending on the size of the upload, it could take a while to upload all the documents but once it’s done, they’re easy to access from the local server.

There are many ways to deal with a storage space issue in a business. Sometimes unnecessary items can be sold off to clear them out. Other times, they must be stored in some fashion but as indicated above there’s a few different ways to approach this.