Take a Break Travel Las Vegas Luxor is Making Way For New Hotels That Raise the Standard of Excellence

As far as cliches go -and there are plenty of them- you can’t store new wine in old wine skins. However, when it comes to Luxor Hotel and Casino- this mantra is of no significance as they keep raising the bar. Whilst people were beginning to write it off as one of the best resort centers in the world, it reinvented itself and emerged all the more vibrant. Set in an almost surreal backdrop of two bays -Mandalay and Excalibur- at the bottom end of the much-famed Las Vegas Strip, its location couldn’t have been better chosen. So if you’re still picturing Luxor as it was 5 years ago, then snap yourself out of that trance and think again about booking yourself elsewhere. Let take a break travel Las Vegas Luxor agents guide you through the most recent changes to take the Strip by storm.

The Modern E-Sports Arena

Gaming isn’t what it used to be. Whilst 20 years ago you would have fought with your siblings to the death over who’s playing next, nowadays, people are more into watching people play. The new E-Sports arena is testament to the changing dynamics of gaming. Tournaments that link players around the world digitally! Real-time commentary from renowned gamers! An All Day gaming pass for as little as $25! Talk about taking gaming up a notch.

If gaming is your guilty pleasure, then you’ll develop a seizure as soon as you enter this 30 000 square foot multi level arena. Row after row of gaming consoles. Virtual reality gaming. Over 20 cameras capturing the most riveting gaming action. And as an icing on the cake, there’s a 50 foot video wall projecting all the action for those who simply want to watch.

It Gets Better

Starstruck is what you’ll be when you actually get to rub shoulders with online gaming legends. The new E-Sports arena is a proud host of some really competitive tournaments, with pro-players from around the world going neck and neck in a way never experienced before on online gaming platforms.

Expansion Projects

To cater for the increasing number of visitors jetting in from all corners of the world -many of who have unique and exotic needs- Luxor Hotel has already started work on a massive expansion project that is set to change the appearance and feel of over 1700 rooms! Inspired by Luxor’s geometric architecture and surrounding desert landscape, most of the designs being incorporated infuse hues and shades that will completely blow your mind. According to a source privy to the construction project, the plan is to maximize on space with a view to adding more contemporary furniture that is in line with modern trends.

From the day Luxor Hotel first opened its doors to the public back in the winter of 1993, this classy resort center has seen trends come and go. But what is perhaps their most telling attribute as they approach their 25th anniversary isn’t longevity, but their ability to remain current. All credit goes to the management for pursuing sophistication in the manner it has done for the past two decades. We can only look forward to what’s next.