The Economics of Sea Freight

If you are looking to ship your business items from one place to another, you have several options. If you are shipping within the same country or the same continent, you can ship by road and rail. If you are shipping overseas, you’ll need to ship by air or by sea. If you are shipping something that is very time-sensitive, then you need to ship by air. Shipping by air is the fastest and most reliable way to get something to its destination. However, if your highest priority is saving money, then you want to ship by sea.

Ship by Sea

Shipping by sea is the most affordable way to ship your items. Container ships are incredibly large, and weight is not as much of a consideration as it would be for some other kind of shipment because the container ships are so buoyant. If you are shipping something, you need to figure out first if it is a full container or not.

A container is a standard size; depending on which couriers you use, the size of a full container can differ slightly. If you have a full container, then your price will be simple; you just pay to ship one full container. If you have less than a full container, you need a courier that will offer a partial container service. Typically, this kind of service involves combining your portion of a container with other portions of containers to make a full shipment. That full shipment can come from other customers who are shipping items or you can even collect multiple shipments of your own. These two sea freight services are important for getting your items to their destination in the most cost-effective manner possible.


Seaports tend to be larger than airports; therefore, the price of storing something at the port is lower than it would be at an airport. That’s one of the ways that it is more affordable to ship by sea. While shipping by sea is more affordable, the biggest caveat is time. The sea is unpredictable. If a storm arises at sea, it can delay a cargo ship or force that ship to reroute. That could add days or weeks to your shipping time. If you’re not in any kind of a hurry, then that’s perfectly fine. However, if your shipments are time sensitive, that can be a problem.

One of the best ways to get a great price while not having to worry too much about the time is to ship things as soon as possible. If you can ship them by sea as soon as possible, then you won’t have to worry too much about how long it takes. You should also attempt to factor that in with your customers.