The perfect guide on Custom Printed Product Labels on Rolls

It’s said that your eyes are naturally drawn to things that attract you the most. As a business planning to launch a product, this law of attraction is something that needs to be considered. A great amount of effort goes into developing, creating and nurturing your brand and product. In order to do so you need product labels thatexplain your product contents, communicateyour brand’s message but also that attract the eye of your potential customers. In other words, product packaging serves as an advertisement.

Need for right kind of Labels on Products:

  • Attracts customers- Customers undoubtedly get attracted toimpressivelooking packaging. Great label design helps to generate sales and represent your brand in the market.
  • Consumer’s decision-making- Customised printed product labels really influence the decision-making of consumers. Whether you design your labels in-house or have them designed by an agency, the outcome of the final product totally depends on the printing and production process of the labels.

There are two main areas involved in the production of printing custom labels on rolls. The first is Digital Label Printing and the second isLabel Converting.

Digital Label Printing

Nowadays, top technology is used in the production of labels with the help of both conventional and digital presses. Digital label printing is used as it is very efficient and saves money with multi-versioned runs.It makes sure that the labels are of same size and material, andallows you to print as many different kinds as you may need. You just need to feed in the names of the customers, batch numbers, codes and sequential numbering on your labels. This service is offered by

There are a number of finishing options to choose from:

  • Custom Cutting- You can print any kind of labels to fit in any sort of packaging, irrespective of the size or shape that you need. It can be rounded corners, tamper proof labels and bottle neck, the choice is entirely yours and can be done to perfection.
  • Use of UV Protective Varnishes- UV protective varnish is applied on the labels at the end of the printing process, before the cutting, in order to increase the life of your labels. This technique helps to preventyour label fading away when exposed to UV light. It even protects your labels from little scuffs and to a certain level from liquid contamination. These protective varnishes are available in either matt or gloss finishes.

In short, attractive labels play a very important role in the sale of your brand and product as they represent the face value of your brand in the worldwide market. It has to be perfect and eye-catching and put first on your priority list when you go for launching a product and brand.