Three Reasons to Choose Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software

If your organization is still using inventory management software that must still be installed on a computer, you should start considering getting cloud-based software. No matter the number of locations you have, your business can benefit from cloud-based software. Below are some of the major benefits of this software:

It Offers Access to your Inventory wherever and whenever you Need It

Being on the cloud, your inventory data can be accessed even if you are on a vacation. As long as you have the access details, you can always monitor what’s going on within your warehouse.  Being able to access such data anytime means you don’t have to be back at your desk to do what you have forgotten to do. A number of situations that cloud-based software can be useful include:

  • Multiple locations. If you have many locations, your warehouse employees in a certain location will be able to enter valuable data from your salespeople in other locations.
  • One location. With cloud-based software, your employees traveling to a trade show in a certain place will be able to access data from your office in another place.

You Don’t Need Backups

Perhaps you have installed inventory management software on your laptop and you think it’s good enough to use. However, if your laptop crashes, this should also mean the end of your access to that software, especially if you did not keep a backup of your database. In fact, even if you a backup, you will have to install the software again and import data. But, the cloud-based warehouse management software from Meade Willis eliminates your worry about losing your data. Even if your computer dies, your data remains accessible whatever computer your use.

Users can Up and Running Quickly

As your business grows, you will need to ensure your new employees can access your software for fulfilling and shipping customer orders. If you are using software which must be installed on the computer of every user, this can take some time and money. This is because you will have to buy a new software license and request a technician from the IT department to install the software on their computer. However, with cloud-based inventory management software, you just have to pay a monthly subscription fee and new users can access it right away and play their role in your company. Also, upgrades of the software are carried out frequently without extra costs.