Top 4 Steel Tubing Applications That You Should Know About

We all know that steel tubes are highly durable, strong and tough. Besides, they can be either rectangular or square or round. These steel tubes generally contain tungsten, manganese, aluminum and titanium. They have different applications in different industries and their production have increased to more than 1 million ton this year. These steel tubes are of two types and they are seamless and welded. Remember that, it is very important to know which type of tubing suits your project well. In fact, you should choose steel tubes considering various factors like cost, strength and corrosion resistance.

Welded Tubes Vs Seamless Tubes

These welded tubes are generally made with skinny and long metal sheets. On the other hand, the seamless tubes are made by 2 hot forging process, rolling and rotary piercing.  Besides, these seamless tubes can withstand more pressure and high temperature when compared to the welded tubes.  This is the reason why the seamless steel tubes are more popular when compared with the welded tubes.

Steel Tubing Applications

  • Construction Industry: The demand for the steel tubes has increased tremendously in the construction industry. They are commonly used to strengthen the foundation buildings.
  • Industrial Uses: Steel tubing is commonly used for transporting gases, liquid wastes and water in an industry. Most of the industrial machines also include steel tubes. They are commonly used in hydraulic belts, production lines, conveyor belts and mills.
  • Medical Applications: Steel is one material which is very popular in medical industry. Steel tubing is commonly used for preparing different medical equipment. As steel is the high quality and safe material doctors use the steel medical equipment to treat their patients. Most of the surgical tools also need steel tubing. You will also find steel tubing in the hospital wheelchairs, beds and IV stands.

  • Transport & Automobile: Steel tubing is also commonly used in transport and automobile industry. They are used in trains, trucks, cars, planes and other vehicles for transporting gases and liquids through the fuel lines and engines. In fact, in most of the vehicles smoke, oil, gas and steam travel through steel tubes. Tube bending and steel tubing services are generally required for exhaust muffler components. Steel tubing is very important for certain chemicals like exhaust for comfortable and safe transportation. This steel tubing is generally found in sport vehicles.

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