Understanding the Process, Benefits and Drawbacks of Wire Machining

EDM or Electrical Discharge Machining has been widely used manufacturing technique. It would be used for creating various shapes and works with difficult materials. Even though, all techniques have their pros and cons, EDM has specific benefits that make it relatively popular machining mode.

Wire EDM

Wire EDM or Wire Electrical Discharge Machining has been a popular machining process. It would utilize wire filament that may carry electrical charge through the wire. It would be used for cutting away the hard metal elements. 

Major components for wire EDM machine

Two major components are required for iron wire machining. Both these components would be essential for removing the metal for shaping the product to be manufactured. The material and precision in degree could be removed through successive passes. These have been largely determined by the composition of the wire along with the strength and type of electrical current.

Process of wire EDM

It would be pertinent to mention here that EDM or electrical discharge machining would be an industrial process. It would help you acquire the desired shape using the electrical sparks. It would be treated with a series of rapidly occurring current discharges. The discharges would remove the unwanted material. The current passes through two electrodes usually separated by dielectric liquid. You could enhance the intensity of electric field by reduction of distance between the two electrodes. It would enable the current to flow between two available electrodes. The unwanted material would be removed from the two electrodes and carried away by dielectric liquid after the current is stopped.


Benefits offered by EDM

The popular wire machining process has offered numerous benefits. To begin with, it could produce a superb and great surface finish. Therefore, the use of the process would help you remove unwanted material. It would provide you with desirable and smooth surface. The process may be used where small work pieces have been involved. These work pieces may not be destroyed in the process. It would usually happen while working with conventional working tools. As there has been no direct contact between the wire and the tool, weak and delicate surfaces could be machined without any significant issues. The process could be used for drilling fine holes on the surfaces.

Drawbacks of using EDM

Apart from the benefits offered by the process, some drawbacks would entail high power consumption. Secondly, it would have excessive wear and tear of tools during the process. The removal rate of material is also relatively slower.