What Is Oriental Health Insurance?

Oriental Health Insurance is one of the oldest and most successful general insurance providers of India. It has some excellent health insurance plans which are both comprehensive as well as affordable. The company has been able to penetrate into the deep parts of India and has many rural customers as well, along with the urban majority. This is an achievement and shows the insurance provider’s calibre as a bankable health insurance company. If you are planning to buy a health insurance policy from Oriental, you have already made a great choice. Read on to know why.

Why should you invest in Oriental Health Insurance?

There are many significant reasons for you to invest in Oriental Health Insurance. Some of them include:

  • High cover: You get some of the highest health insurance covers when you buy your plan from Oriental. So look at the options, the available sum insured, etc. and find your ideal cover.
  • Lots to choose from: There are more than six different types of health insurance plans available from this particular insurance provider. When you decide to make Oriental your preferred insurer, you are not forced to get only one plan. You can choose from between a family floater plan, a personal accident cover plan and a senior citizen health plan, among others. The options are many and so you are sure to find the exact health cover you are looking for.
  • Affordable: This is one of the main reasons why you should invest in Oriental Health Insurance. The health insurance plans from Oriental are among the least expensive. Since they have been designed for all sections of the society, including the rural people, the policies are very reasonably priced. You can indeed find some excellent health insurance covers at very competitive prices when you buy an Oriental Health Insurance plan.
  • Excellent claim settlement ratio: Next, we have the high claim settlement ratio. This is always a factor to look for when choosing your health insurance provider. You must choose someone who boasts of a high claim settlement ratio. This will help you in getting your claim processed smoothly when there is a requirement. Oriental is among the insurance providers who have the highest claim settlement ratio in India.
  • Good customer support: And finally, the insurer is so reliable because it has a highly efficient customer support team. You can reach out any time with your issues and they will be resolved quickly and politely. You don’t have to worry about making multiple service requests as customer assistance is of high priority to the Oriental Health Insurance Company.

How does Oriental Health Insurance improve your life?

Now that you know more about the benefits of buying your health insurance cover from Oriental, let us take a look at some of the exact ways in which an Oriental health insurance plan enriches your life:

  • Helps fight ailments: The purpose of buying health insurance is to fight off serious illnesses. The health covers from Oriental allow you to do so as they compensate your treatment expenses and bring quality healthcare within your reach.
  • Helps you to be financially stable: Without health insurance, your finances can become unstable. If you have to foot your medical bills yourself, your bank balance will shrink instantly. The Oriental health insurance plans pay the medical bills on your behalf and keeps you economically stable.
  • Helps prevent illnesses: Under many health insurance covers, you get provisions for OPD consultations, preventive health check-ups, blood tests, etc. This helps you identify a health issue at an early step and nip it in the bud. You stay healthier for a longer time thereafter.

In a nutshell

So as you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, there are some very useful benefits if buying your health insurance cover from The Oriental Health Insurance Company. Go online and explore your options and see which Oriental plan is best suited for you. Choose your cover and policy duration carefully. You can also include your family members in the plan, so do the needful. Choose the correct premium payment mode and pay the premiums on time to enjoy uninterrupted health coverage from Oriental Health Insurance Company.