What Should You Consider as Right Base for a Sanitary Pump

If you order any kind of sanitary pump then supplier will send you only a stand-alone pump. However, you also need its proper base mounted with motor/gear reducer and also its coupler assembly. Therefore, you have a choice, either order for the base from the supplier or get it fabricated yourself. It is always more convenient to order it to the supplier so that they can design the base as per their pump.

However, it is noticed that every customer of sanitary pumps has different needs as regards to the base for their pump. Therefore, no supplier manufacturers base for the pump but are ready to supply you one once you provide your drawing. Now let us discuss about the criteria based on which the base for sanitary pump is designed.

  • Structural integrity

Any sanitary pump will be used for high pressure applications and therefore it can produce torque on its complete assembly. There can be lots of vibration when the pump is in operation. Therefore, unless the sanitary pump is fitted on any rigid base, it may have premature failure of bearings and its seals too. There can also be misalignment of shaft that is fitted with the pump. Therefore, depending upon the application of the pump and the available space at the site, proper base has to be designed which maintains the rigidity of the total assembly.

  • Installment and servicing ease

It is important to design the base in such a way that it is possible to install the sanitary motor conveniently and also in future its maintenance and trouble shooting can also be done. Depending upon the site location the base must be provided with necessary allowance and space.

  • Cleanliness

Usually this type of sanitary pump is used in food, pharmaceutical or any chemical industry where cleanliness and hygiene is extremely important. If the base is not properly designed, it cannot be properly cleaned and then the liquid or water will get accumulated near the pump that can generate bacteria.

  • Material for the base

Most of the users prefer to have the base made of carbon steel however to prevent its corrosion, it needs to be painted. The other alternate can be to use stainless steel material that can increase the cost.

  • Cost

If you have your own design section available then you can order for standalone sanitary pump and design your base with the above considerations. This will be more cost effective. Ordering from the supplier will be costlier option however if you do not have your own design team then that is the best option.