Why Businesses Need A Canadian Payroll Program

Focusing on growing a business is a high priority for every Canadian company, no matter the size. Spending hours calculating payroll and writing paper cheques takes time away from business operations which hinders business growth. More Canadian companies are now choosing a Canadian payroll program for their payroll administration. A payroll program is fast, easy to use, improves efficiency, and requires little time and little investment. This is why a Canadian payroll program is a smart investment for Canada’s businesses.

Reduce Paperwork, Easy Customization

A great benefit of using a Canadian Payroll Program is the reduction of paper and paperwork. A payroll program can be customized to the particular manager’s needs for the business. For instance, consolidated reports can be created such as reports on employees that can include: payslips, benefits info, compensation packages, and other relevant data. This type of report is easy to create and manage with a payroll system integration. Payroll automation can customize reports based on rows and columns, fields, etc., which allows users to define the data that will go in the reports such as benefits, reductions, payslips, expenses, absences, leaves, etc.

Automatic Updating

Automatic updating is another important benefit of having a payroll program. With payroll system integration, payroll automatically updates data. With a shared database, when new data is entered, the addition will change all relevant information related to the new data. For instance, if an employee resigns, the administrator will remove the employee’s information which causes an automatic removal of the employee’s payroll information and other relevant employee data.

Payroll Software Saves Time and Ensures Data Integrity

Manually performing payroll processes is time-consuming and prone to mistakes. The wrong number can cause a lot of problems and can be very time consuming to fix. Payroll integrated solutions helps to prevent errors and avoid inaccurate financial statements and penalties. It automates calculations and consolidates employee data. As well, the technology helps to ensure employees are paid correctly as it keeps calculations accurate and consistent. When processing employee pay, it automatically factors in important data such as salary, benefits, expenses, deductions, etc.

Ensures Transparency and Security

Payroll automation centralizes employee data. If specific data is required to resolve an issue or problem, the system can quickly provide access to users with system permission the required data, such as: work schedule, benefits, expenses, adjustments, performance records, leaves, absences, and other relevant information.  In addition, ease of use enables users to manage payroll internally which keeps sensitive data internal. With a payroll program, employee and company data is accessible only to authorized users. By helping a business manage their day-to-day tasks, a streamlined payroll program is a powerful admin assistant that can save businesses time, money and streamline operations.

A Canadian payroll program also enables managers and employees to focus on other important business tasks such as growing the company. Managers and the users with permission have full access to the data at any given time. The Self-Service portal features means the company’s people can do more on their own such as: review their benefits, compensation, entitlement balances and more, oversee management activities such as new hire requests, approvals and terminations, and complete and share performance appraisals between managers and employees. As well, they can keep up to date with automatic notifications for important activities communicated company-wide, regardless of location, via a shared messaging centre, and more.

Fully Integrated Solutions

The payroll program that a business in Canada chooses should be a program provided by a company that is Canadian owned and operated, serving exclusively Canadian clients. The company should know all about Canadian compliance and legislation. They should also be able to serve Canadian companies of all verticals and have many top Canadian businesses as clients. In addition, the team should be constantly adapting to new technologies and industry changes. Partnering with a payroll solutions provider that develops, implements and markets a payroll, human resource, time & attendance and web self service fully integrated solutions helps businesses to gain a competitive edge.