Why Recruiters Need Recruiters

One thing that many people did not know is that recruiters actually use recruiters themselves when looking for new roles – These specialist recruiters are called rec2rec agents and work hard on a day-to-day basis to ensure that recruiters are able to get the best and most rewarding jobs possible.

Today we are going to be looking into rec2rec agencies in more detail, outlining what they do and why it is so important to recruitment.

Specialist recruitment services for recruiters

The process of talent acquisition varies from sector to sector, therefore it should not really come as a surprise that there are specialist recruiters around to help recruiters.  Some recruiters specialise in engineering for example, whilst rec2rec agents are simply there to help recruiters. Rec2rec agents and companies have spent their careers learning about how to recruit for recruitment roles and as other types of recruiters will be informed about many amazing roles and candidates before they become available to the general public. You could say that they have inside knowledge.

Ultimate discretion

The recruitment community is incredibly close-knit and when using rec2rec agencies recruiters can have peace of mind knowing that their current employer will not find out. When using a rec2rec agency to find a new role if you inform them that you want it to be kept on the down-low they will respect your wishes.

They know how to best represent recruiters

Rec2rec agencies know how to best represent recruiters within all recruitment fields. They know exactly how recruitment CVs should look and can work with recruiters to ensure that their CVs are the best that they can be. Rec2rec agents know the recruitment inside and out and can work to provide the best outcomes both for individuals and businesses.


Anyone not considering using a rec2rec company to find a new job, or to find new talent for their recruitment companies, should consider contacting GSR2R. GSR2R is one of the UK’s most leading rec2rec agencies with over 16 years’ experience and help many people on a daily basis.