Why Should You Opt for Polyester Strapping

Trading concerns move a lot of components and materials to different countries and cities throughout the world. The distances can be sometimes quite large, and hence they require their goods to be strapped in to make sure that their condition and safety is not compromised during the transport. These goods can be strapped using a number of materials like rubber, steel and polyester. But which one of these options is best for you? Polyester strapping is probably the best!

Polyester is formed through the formation of a chemical substance known as polymer. A chemical reaction of polymers with more than 80 percent of ester and other chemical substances terephthalic acid and dihydric alcohol creates polyester.

Attributes of Polyester Strapping

Polyester straps are flexible. They will stretch if the material they are used to strap shifts continuously during transport. This flexibility can be at times problematic as it makes the goods prone to more damage, particularly when your strapping comes in contact with sharp-edged and pointy objects.

Since polyester is a polymer, it has a strong opposition to any corrosion unlike other types of strapping, particular steel strapping. This also increases the security the polyester strapping provides to the goods being transported, since it saves them from any water damage.

Why is Polyester Strapping Better than Steel Strapping


Polyester strapping is a lot safer compared to steel strapping. In steel strapping, a worker can get hurt if they apply too much force to a strap. Moreover, components associated with steel strapping are heavy and have to be hand-gripped carefully. Wrong grips may cause injuries. By switching to polyester strapping you can increase the safety of your workers.

With polyester strapping, no matter how much force you apply, they do not provide any threat to your workers. Furthermore, they are lighter in weight and their components are greater in amount, hence providing you with a lot more material to strap your goods with.

Environment Friendly

Is your business environment friendly? You should probably then steer away from steel strapping as it will go against your environment friendly practices. It is recommended to then look for polyester strapping as it is better suited for the environment in comparison to steel strapping. The production of polyester comes from raw simple materials while steel requires a lot of energy to be created, thus putting a strain on the environment.

Due to polyester’s lightness, it also decreases the weight of your goods significantly. Therefore, you save fuel, space and time simultaneously by adopting polyester strapping. Polyester can also easily be recycled unlike steel. This not only saves your organization’s costs but also save the environment from waste.


Due to polyester’s cheap production, recycling element and lightness it is a lot cheaper than steel strapping. You can save more than 20 percent if you go for polyester strapping.

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