Why Should Your Organisation Hire Private Security Guards?

It is an unfortunate fact that certain kinds of criminal activity have increased in both our towns and cities. The reasons for this are many and varied but the end result is that homeowners and business owners feel a sense of insecurity. For businesses specifically, having a security plan in place can help to mitigate the chances of criminal activity.

Why a Security Guard Is Important

There are two types of security: overt and covert security. CCTV or digital video surveillance is a good example of covert surveillance as it simply remains in the background and does the job. In most cases, it can be used as a method of gathering hard evidence for provision to authorities.

Of course, some businesses hire security personnel from companies that provide private security in Leeds. This is most often in addition to other security measures including physical barriers, video surveillance, and alarms. For any business that has hitherto not hired private security personnel, the thought of live guards may seem strange but the fact of the matter is that it improves the level of security in significant ways.

For banks, large organisations, government departments, and other businesses with valuable on-site assets, security guards provide the following benefits:

  • Overt Security: The physical presence of a security guard does much to dissuade opportunistic criminal activity. The very sight of an armed guard can serve to discourage activity from either external threats or inside threats. Indeed, there are many cases in which on-site armed security even discourages theft and abusive activity by staff.
  • Evidence: In cases where criminal activity takes place, security personnel can also serve as eyewitnesses during legal testimony or even provide evidence to the authorities.
  • Covert Security: Of course, not all security measures need to be seen. The fact is that it is entirely possible to hire security guards and have them clothed plainly so that they blend in. This is useful in department stores and shopping centres where a covert security presence is more effective at observing and dealing with criminal behaviour. The other added benefit is that covert security can make the public, clients, staff, and customers simply feel more comfortable.
  • Health and Safety: One area that often is not thought about is the fact that all security personnel are highly trained when it comes to occupational health and safety regulations. The major advantage of this is that on-site security can often observe breaches of health and safety regulations and can advise on the best way to minimise hazards and reduce risks. In this context, their role extends far beyond security.

Operating Your Organisation More Securely

The fact is that every business owner or other organisation needs to carefully consider their on-site security. A sound security strategy that includes both overt and covert methods may be the best fit for many businesses but it is important to determine what will work best on a case-by-case basis. The good news is that hired manned security can operate either overtly or covertly, providing maximum flexibility for your security approach.